Acrylic Toothpaste safer box

1,Dimension: 24.5*6.5*5.5cm
2.Color: Transparent
3,Frequency:RF 8.2MHz/AM58KHzEAS
4,Material:PC, Acrylic
5,Application:Supermarket, Retail Store
,Detection range:1.20m-1.80m
,Lock:magnetic locking

In-Line Display Hook Lock

1,Material:ABS plastic 
3,Dimension: 39 x 19 x 15.4mm 
4,Inner Dia: 4mm,5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm 
5,Colours: red,white,black

Double Bar Hook Stop Lock

Easy operation, easy change, durable and tidy.    
Safely display your products and increase sales value.    
Reduce labor cost and space-saving    
The goods can be displayed in good order and appear very nice,
Keep the goods in safe state,
Make the clients clear at a glance.   

Mobile Phone Stand with Clamp

Mobile phone power & alarm display stand  with clamp 

Phone Stand&Counting Screen

Accurately shows how many times your products have been picked up by customers by a screen

Smartwatch Alarm Display Holder

Alarm display stand mainly designed for Wrist Watch/Wearable Devices/Smart Watch

Helix Wall Dispenser

Helix Wall Dispensers (Standard Merchandise) offers a self-serve time delay function that prevents sweeping while giving customers full access to merchandise.

Hook with product pusher system

With this pusher hook,your inventory is always “up front” right where a customer can see it. You instantly increase the look and appeal of your merchandise, which leads to increased sales. 

Stop Lock for Security Hook

Avoid people to move the merchandise out of the hook. Makes it easy to secure product on slatwall hooks, gridwall hooks and pegboard hooks. 

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