• Alarmed Snapper with Big Sensor
  • Alarmed Snapper with Big Sensor
  • Alarmed Snapper with Big Sensor
  • Alarmed Snapper with Big Sensor
  • Alarmed Snapper with Big Sensor
  • Alarmed Snapper with Big Sensor
  • Alarmed Snapper with Big Sensor

Alarmed Snapper with Big Sensor

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CNY ¥ 1 / pc

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100 pc

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Product Description

Square Recoiler, with Alarm

The pull box with alarm is a mechanical recoiler that is used to protect all kinds of products against theft or loss of theft. If the cable of this pullbox is cut/broken the alarm will be triggered.This reel can work together with any end fitting or mounting base / holder from us. It can be installed to the confined space on the back of display cabinet. Fixing can be made by screw or adhesive tape.

The pullbox mechanical display recoiler rectangular is available in black or white plastic.  The recoiler can be secured to the surface with 4 screws.

The dimensions of the recoiler are 46X46X29mm. The standard cable diameter is 1.2 mm. The standard length is 96 cm and can be adjusted to a maximum of 140 cm. 

There is a minimum order quantity of 10 for this product. A sample is available on request.

Power supply way: changeable 3V lithium battery.
Maximum standby: 2 years 
Alarm volume: >95db 
Cable diameter: 1.2mm 
Product size:
Cable length: 96cm (standard), maximum 140cm (can be custom made) 
Cable retraction force: 1.2Lb, 1/2Lb, 1/3Lb, 1/4Lb 
Box color: Black/white
Box material: ABS
Cable color and material: Transparent/black, nylon

Battery type: 3V battery
Alarm indication: Red LED light twinkling & sound

A compact, powerful yet low cost security option.

A 1.3 metre multi core steel wire lets your customers pick up a product with ease, interact, play and then see it retracted back into original position. A built in alarm will emit a high pitched signal if the product is tampered with, an alarm that is easily managed with one remote key.

Discover versatility with arange of 12 different end fittings to secure, well,anything.End fittings include:

  • Lasso
  • Limpet (variable sizes)
  • Micro USB
  • USB
  • Flexi Adhesive
  • Eyelet
  • Watch strap clamp

Alarmed Snapper Features

- Low cost
- Ideal for low-risk environments
- Internal alarm with remote control
- Steel cable
- Mechanical retractor
- Compact design
- Choice of multiple terminations to secure a wide  


35 Diameter Limpet - Built-in alarm status LED
Adjustable Loop - Designed to wrap around displayed products
Micro USB Connector - Designed to secure electronic devices via the Micro USB port
Oval Limpet - Built-in alarm status LED Internal slot for added tie-wrap
USB Connector - Built-in alarm status LED Designed to secure any electronic device with a USB port
Opening Loop with LED - Fully adjustable loop Quick release design Built-in alarm status LED
Watch Strap Clamp - Fits a wide range of watch strap widths and thicknesses Built-in tamper switch

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Payment Terms︰ T/T or PAYPAL
Packing︰ 100PCS/CTN
Lead Time︰ 3Days

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