• Dual Input Display Alarm Kit for Laptop or Cellphone
  • Dual Input Display Alarm Kit for Laptop or Cellphone
  • Dual Input Display Alarm Kit for Laptop or Cellphone
  • Dual Input Display Alarm Kit for Laptop or Cellphone
  • Dual Input Display Alarm Kit for Laptop or Cellphone

Dual Input Display Alarm Kit for Laptop or Cellphone

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CNY ¥ 1 / pc

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100 pc

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Product Description

Display high value merchandise with confidence. If the Sensor-end, the Sensor Cable or the Sensor Base Unit is cut or unplugged an 90db alarm will be sounded.

Perfect for small displays, kiosk retailers, or stores which need extra security for just a small product range.

We now offer both single and double ended sensors.

It's small, versatile, and easy to install.

It is a cost-effective solution to "grab and runs" that maintains product placement while allowing customer handling.

It's especially suitable for products such as mobile phones,cameras, laptops, mp3-players, portable CD players,power tools and other consumer electronics.

When attacked or manipulated the system emits a loud alarm that can even be heard in large stores, and which immediately identifies the exact location.

Because of the on board battery there is no need for additional cabling or installation, making the product quick and simple to integrate and operate.

The battery has a year life span under normal use.

Replacement Adhesives and batteries are available.

Main features:

1)Prevent stealing of all attached products.
2)Built-in alarm, identifying the attempted theft location.
3)Any attempt to cut the wire or remove the sensory head from the product results in a loud alarm sound
4)Standard with ultra-fine curled wire.
5)Economic design with a battery life of over 1 year.
6)Product cannot be disarmed from the outside.
7)Easy to disarm by authorised person with key.
8)No additional cabling needed.


1)Adhere alarm to counter
2)Lasso or Adhere Sensor to product
3)Turn key to activate alarm
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Packing︰ 1PC/CTN
Lead Time︰ 3Days

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